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NagMIN  is a WebMIN module that provides centralized, integrated, web-based  management of popular Open Source monitoring tools to help create a holistic network monitoring environment. 

NagMIN fully supports and provides enhanced configuration and management of  Nagios® 1.0 Network Monitoring. NagMIN gives you centralized control over remote Nagios systems from a central site WebMIN server.

NagMIN integrates NMAP Stealth Port Scanning with Nagios to add network learning capabilities to Nagios.   NagMIN learns your network with Nmap, stores the information in its database and uses the information to dynamically create Nagios services to increase the scope of your network monitoring and ease your Nagios configuration time.  You can run Nmap on remote servers with NagMIN's centralized management.

NagMIN Traffic Statistics have been added to the recently released version 2.0.0.  NagMIN integrates Nagios MySQL database support, SNMP and RRDtool to store host round trip times and dropped packets, and, a NagMIN plugin to poll SNMP traffic information from SNMP enabled hosts, storing the information in RRD databases.  NagMIN comes with an SNMP Interface Configurator that polls hosts to learn their interface information and then dynamically creates the required Nagios service definitions.  A NagMIN cron script polls the Nagios database every 5 minutes to store ICMP information.

NagMIN comes with a web portal for viewing host and interface response time and traffic statistics using RRDgraph and the NagMIN database to integrate current status while dynamically graphing and displaying information.

Click here to  download NagMIN from the project page at SourceForge.   Documentation is not available yet, but will be coming soon.  Please read the release notes and submit any support requests, bugs, feature requests, etc. to SourceForge.


NagMIN® is a modified version of the MySQL WebMIN module, therefore, credit for the underlying functionality of the application goes to those developers and of course to the developers of WebMIN.  More importantly, NagMIN® wouldn't exist if Nagios, NMAP and RRDtool, MySQL, etc., weren't excellent applications.  - Frederick  Reimers (CCIE, CISSP, CCSE)


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NagMIN® is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 as published by the Free Software Foundation. This gives you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify NagMIN® under certain conditions.  NagMIN® is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF DESIGN, MERCHANTABILITY, AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Nagios® is a registered trademark of Ethan Galstad.

NagMIN® is a registered trademark of Frederick Reimers.